Fraud Alert

Like many other banks, our trade BANQUE DE COMMERCE ET DE PLACEMENTS or “BCP" is used from time to time by malicious people to extract funds from potential victims whom they generally contact by mail, email or telephone.


In certain cases, the fraudsters are likely to create false sites on the internet, usurping the Company Name of Banque de Commerce et de Placements (BCP).

In addition, they do not hesitate to impersonate people working in the bank to give greater credibility to their messages. Investment products, loans or credits thus appear to be offered by alleged employees or managers of the BCP Group.

Fraudsters may also request that certain information and documents containing personal data be sent to them to constitute the alleged investment, loan or credit file, data which can then be reused in the context of 'other frauds’.

BCP does not solicit business by telephone, mail or electronic mail.


Consequently, the greatest vigilance must be observed on false offers of whatever nature presented as originating from BCP.



• invites recipients of proposals made on behalf of the BCP by mail, email or telephone to exercise the utmost vigilance and prudence, knowing that BCP does not solicit such transactions;

• files a criminal complaint, whenever necessary, for any use or attempted use of its business name, the names of its officers or employees, its logo and its signs for fraudulent purposes;

• disclaims all liability vis-à-vis potential victims who must refer to their local financial police authorities or their diplomatic representation abroad;

• agrees to receive all correspondence relating to these acts or attempted fraud, without obligation of service on his part.


Practical tips for detecting fraud:

• check the structure of the email address of the messages received;

• avoid responding to messages from private addresses (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.) and relating to BCP banking services;

• avoid clicking on a link in a message whose author is not identified;

• avoid any request for private or financial information from an unauthenticated source;

• avoid any service offer requesting your membership or personal information

• in case of doubt, contact BCP using the contact form on the official BCP website: