FITCH rating reaffirmed at ‘BBB-‘, Outlook revised to Stable

We are proud to announce that Fitch reaffirmed BCP’s rating at “BBB-“ and revised the outlook to “Stable”. This rating reflects BCP's longstanding expertise and strong niche franchise in the CTF industry, while implementing a prudent and adequate risk management approach, and successfully adapting to geopolitical challenges. BCP has indeed, despite a disrupted operating environment and economic slowdown, maintained a solid and healthy performance during the period under review. The rating is further underpinned by several key qualitative factors such as BCP’s adaptive business model, consistent strategy and experienced management.

FitchRatings’ full report, published on November 2d 2022, may be accessed on FitchRatings’ website : Banque de Commerce et de Placements SA (

FITCH Ratings Press Release: BCP’s investment grade rating (BBB-) reaffirmed on June 10, 2021

Financial strength of the Bank reaffirmed by a strong Tier 1 ratio

On June 30, 2020, BCP’s Tier 1 capital ratio amounted to 16.7%. This ratio, based on the Basel III Committee guidelines, is determined by dividing the eligible common equity tier 1 capital by the risk-weighted assets. Well above the 10.5% threshold required by the Swiss regulator FINMA, this figure is a core measure of BCP’s strong liquidity and capital base.

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